Who am I ?

Let me introduce myself. I am Paul FLORENCE, a Computer Scientist student at the INSA of Toulouse. I will graduate in 2020.

What do I do ?

I take care of managing a local team for the French competition "Coupe de France de Robotique". During the whole year (from September to May) we teach newcomers electronic and informatic while building a new robot. I am involved in the following aspect of the robot :

  • Writing the firmware for some of the electronic boards using mbed (we use a stm32f446RE and some PIC33F). This include writing drivers for Herkulex servomotors and writing a lot of documentation.
  • Maintaining C++ code for abstracting low level communication using modern practice from C++11, C++14 and C++17 for the core of the robot
  • Writing GUI tools to help build and debug the robot, including a logical/physical simulator to test AIs before the robot is built. Those kind of projects allowed me to become confident when writing GTK3 applications.
  • Setting up all the tools so that everyone can work confidently. I created a few scripts to automate cross-compilation from x86_64 to arm and some other to automate the process of flashing the nucleo board.
  • Writing an Hardware Abstraction Library for stm32f446.
I also manage a huge part of the association which consist of :
  • Taking care of the budget.
  • Handling the relationship with various sponsors.
  • Coordinate everyone's work.

I am a huge Rust enthusiast and I enjoy writing modern C++ code.

I mostly contribute to open source projects such as serialport-rs,clippy and I spend a lot of time updating out of date documentation for various projects. You can take a look at my profile on github to have an overview of my work.

I also have written a few GUIs in python to automate fastidious tasks for non tech users.

On my freetime I administrate servers for different project including game servers, cloud storage (ala dropbox), git servers, etc. using Debian, OpenBSD and FreeBSD.


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