Who am I ?

Let me introduce myself. I am Paul FLORENCE, a Computer Scientist student at the INSA of Toulouse. I was born in 368 CO2 ppm and I will graduate in 2020.

What do I do ?

I take care of managing a local team for the French competition "Coupe de France de Robotique". During the whole year (from September to May) we teach newcomers electronic and informatic while building a new robot. I am involved in the following aspect of the robot :

  • Writing the firmware for some of the electronic boards using mbed (we use a stm32f446RE and some PIC33F). This include writing drivers for Herkulex servomotors and writing a lot of documentation.
  • Maintaining C++ code for abstracting low level communication using modern practice from C++11, C++14 and C++17 for the core of the robot
  • Writing GUI tools to help build and debug the robot, including a logical/physical simulator to test AIs before the robot is built. Those kind of projects allowed me to become confident when writing GTK3 applications.
  • Setting up all the tools so that everyone can work confidently. I created a few scripts to automate cross-compilation from x86_64 to arm and some other to automate the process of flashing the nucleo board.
  • Writing an Hardware Abstraction Library for stm32f446.
I also manage a huge part of the association which consist of :
  • Taking care of the budget.
  • Handling the relationship with various sponsors.
  • Coordinate everyone's work.

I am a huge Rust enthusiast and I enjoy writing modern C++ code.

I mostly contribute to open source projects such as serialport-rs,clippy and I spend a lot of time updating out of date documentation for various projects. You can take a look at my profile on github to have an overview of my work.

I also have written a few GUIs in python to automate fastidious tasks for non tech users.

On my freetime I administrate servers for different project including game servers, cloud storage (ala dropbox), git servers, etc. using Debian, OpenBSD and FreeBSD.


Resume outdated, i'll update it one day

Contact me

By email : perso+fromwebsite *mail_symbol* (please keep +fromwebsite in your mail recipient so that I can identify where you got my email from. This is especially true if you are a company)

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