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Paul Florence

Currently doing web dev & GIS at
Makina Corpus !

Rust Django Docker C Verilog FPGA OS x86 Assembly 🇫🇷

Micro-architecture, information security, federated web services, free software, societal and political implications of the tech industry, anthropology, and many many other things.
But also : brewing beer, fermented food, growing vegetables, undergroud music culture, video games and the art behind them.


Web developer (mostly Python/Django)

I mostly work on geographical information system (GIS) but I also tackle challenges in other fields (sysadmin, etc.).

Python/Django Docker Postgres/PostGIS Keycloak


Research Engineer

Improving micro-architecture security through the developement of security registers and the insertion of new instructions at compilation time.

Linux Kernel Verilog x86 Assembly Micro-architecture


Master degree :

  • INSA Toulouse in computer science and engineering
  • Université Toulouse 3 in information security

Master degree project at IRIT (6 month, Toulouse, FR) - "Improving a trusted architecture for cloud computing" - Report C Verilog x86 Assembly


Internship at Arm Ltd (3 month, Cambridge, Uk) - Internship poster C

On the security of IoT (state of the art, unpublished) - Paper

368 Co2 ppm

I got birthed.

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